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Jane Street, Sheila Harrington, Nicole Weaver, Martha Richardson
Jane Street, Sheila Harrington, Nicole Weaver, Martha Richardson

Join Jane Street, Martha Richardson, Sheila Harrington, and Nicole Weaver for That’s What She Said! It’s fun, frolic, laughs, chat, special guests, field trips, and adult beverages. It’s a fast-paced romp through the minds of four clever, intelligent, and funny women who speak their minds on anything and everything. Who’d miss that?

We’re on the 4th Monday of every month at 9:00pm on BCTV!

That’s Berks Community Television, a local public access cable channel located at Comcast Reading Channel 15, Comcast-Southern Berks Channel 965, and Service Electric Channel 19.

The show is also streamed live at every 4th Monday at 9pm!

The shows are also archived on YouTube. We’ve been on the air since January 31, 2012, so there’s a lot to get caught up on!

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We know, everyone in the world is asking for money, but as you know, we’re not everyone: We’re That’s What She Said! The little show that shouldn’t have, but did.

Now certainly, we have no plans to cease operation. We’ll go on as long as you want us around and BCTV will have us. But as a self-sustaining entity, we’re a bit tapped out.

We would love give an upgrade to our show, and we’re asking for your help.

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That’s What She Donated

Hear us roar! The love was deafening!

This past Saturday’s Women’s March 2017 was inspiring. I hope this will keep you inspired to continue the work, every day, as we rally for decency and rights for all Americans, and truly, everyone the world over.

I have endeavored to use only photos for which permission was granted, or for which none was needed. If you feel your picture was used improperly, first, I apologize, and second, please contact me at

Election Eve 2016

On this Election 2016 eve, I offer up my thoughts on the campaign. As always, these are solely my opinions and do not necessarily reflect those of my panel-mates on That’s What She Said, nor those of That’s What She Said’s home on the air, BCTV.
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It is amazing what distillers are creating these days! Shocking, yet tasty!

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