Snow in October!

Incredible weather! No one around here has ever experienced anything like this in October! And no one’s ever going to have experienced a gathering of five fabulous females like those of us chatting on “That’s What SHE Said!” We met for the first time on Saturday – the day the snow arrived! There’s something serendipitous about that! Looking forward to all we can chat about! And after we get that tree moved that’s blocking our front door, I’ll actually be able to get out in the world again!. Hope Christina, Ellen, Sheila, Jane all got home safely – and that their front doors are more accessible than mine! But the power’s on, and we’re warm and cozy! Blessings abound! (If we don’t get that tree moved, the Treat or Treaters won’t be able to get that ton of candy I bought yesterday. That, however, is not going to be a blessing as my sweet tooth has been luring me away from my Weight Watchers healthy eating lifestyle for the past few weeks! That candy has GOT to go – one way or another, but not via my mouth!)
Happy Halloween!


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