Happy Black Friday!!

The day has arrived!! I’ve been waiting patiently all year.  Time for me to get my shopping on! unfortunatley I work third shift so I wont get as early of a start as I would like, but I did have my wonderful and strikingly handsome boyfriend Brandon in line for me at Target at 4 pm thanksgiving evening! He was fourth in line we are hoping to get the 46 inch flat screen tv for 298.00 its a steal and if you ask me worth sitting in line until the doors open at mindnight. Most believe this to be sheer madness..however its a 200.00 savings for the tv which we really do need….time for that 52 inch projector tv thats yellowed and fuzzy and to hit the road!! Best Buy had the 42 inch for  200.00 which is also a great deal but they had people in tents outside there store since 11pm wednesday night we drove by on our way to target and the line was around the building and they only had 50 tvs to sell we never would have gotten one. We are practically garunteed this one at target with Brandon being 4th in line. I just hope everyone acts like normal human beings and no one gets crazy and angry over a stupid piece of merchandise!! But for me..today when im done work at 9:30 am..( gotta love the 11 pm to 9:30 am shift )i will make my final car payment and hit the stores and hopefully still be able to snag some good deals…wish me luck..Christmas is upon us.  Cannot wait to put the tree up this weekend!!


**stars and kisses**


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