Oh, my dears! What a day this has been!

I am sorry to be so late in posting. My aeroplane from Bulgaria was delayed, ah the travails of modern travel!

Yes, I hopped to Bulgaria for a quick respite from the daily grind. Jane was in need of her beloved town of Pomorie and its medicinal, healing spas. The people are lovely and the mud is heaven! A special “Thank You!” goes out to Benesj, my lovely young man with a trowel. His muddy hands are magic! Then, I had to pop down to Burgas to do a little shopping. And then, home I came.

What do I find upon my return? Scandal and stupidity! Truth be told, and I try to always be truthful, when I left the States, the Double S’s were omnipresent anyway. They seem so difficult to avoid these days. While I always expect to find gold when turning over rocks, I seem lately to find only…well, unpleasant creatures. ‘Tis a sign of the times, I suppose, and one that will undoubtedly circle ’round again, as the times always do.

I had a lovely time voting last week. (Thank you, ladies, for reminding me.) It was the last thing I did before flying out. I returned to find some I voted for had been elected, and some had not. All-in-all, I was not unhappy. I suppose I would have liked to see what Mr. McHale would have done with Reading, being a relative newcomer; not part of the existing, grinding, political machine, as it were. But “Hail” to Mr. Spencer, and God be with you as you take the wheel of this largish and ungainly ship.

And now, ‘ere this post becomes even later than it is already, I shall sign off. As my dear late friend, Mr. Welk, used to say, “Until next week, keep a song in your heart!”

Love, Jane




  1. Jane
    Jane says:

    No, darling, I’m not yet that far gone that I confuse Green Dragon, or as they say ’round these parts, “The” Green Dragon, with my healthy, happy Bulgaria. My masseuse at Green Dragon is Jake, or as they say ’round these parts, “Chake”, not Benesj.

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