Starbucks has stolen my soul..and wallet

Whhhhhhhyyyyyy…whhhyyyyy is Starbucks so expensive…and yet so darn addictive?! Its just not right or fair…and frankly it should be illegal!! To have such yummy delectable and attractive treats and make them so expensive.  I have been breaking my bank on these liquid dreams.  I have to tell you the Peppermint Mocha Latte..i’ts flipping christmas in a cup!!  I cant seem to say no to it!! I just keep spending spending spending…i’ve taken to buying 2 at a time..which is an easy $10.00 gone. So what im saying is if go there every day for a week thats $70.00 for coffee …for a week!!!  It’s ridiculous and I cant stop…My Name is Christina and I am Starbucks Addict. Is there a group for people like me???  Does anyone else have this problem????  If I dont get this under control everyone in my family will be getting one pair of socks that I purchased from a 6 pack at walmart for christmas…..because i spent ALL of my christmas money on Peppermint Mocha Latte’s. And really how how much does it cost them to make one of those babies?? Theres not way its 4.75 to make it they have to be making bank.  Its just mean to tempt people with these steaming hot lovelies and make them so unaffordable!  That is all. I will now step off my soap box. Thank you for listening.

*stars and kisses*



  1. Jane
    Jane says:

    My dear, this is precisely why I give Starbucks a wide berth! Too yummy to be resisted, indeed!

    When I get a hankering for a coffee treat, I head to Dunkin’ D’s, where, as far as I’m concerned, the caffeinated treats are not at all as good. They are nearly as expensive as La Bucks, though, so I wind up hating myself for wasting the money, and vowing to never again drink a store-bought cafè concoction! It does work for awhile, but first, in your case, you would have to make that traumatic switch away from your preferred potable purveyor.

    Life sometimes is just too difficult! Control these urges; I imagine your family would like something other than a Wally World sock for the holidays.

    Love, Jane

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