Twenty-two percent?! REALLY???

Just read that only 22 percent of the registerd voters in Berks County actually voted in yesterday’s election. Sad! I’m from a long line of women voters, beginning with my greatgrandmother, Martha, who was a suffragette. My grandmother, Bessie, hobbled to the polls on two canes just before she died, and my mother, Margaret, submitted absentee ballots from her assisted living residence. I’ve voted in five states and cast absentee ballots from Italy. So in my family, women vote! I’m still an idealist who believes one vote can make a difference. The 78 percent who didn’t vote yesterday certainly could have made a significant difference.
Not a good news morning. As a Penn Stater, I bleed blue and white. I thought I was too old and wise to have a hero toppled. Guess there’s no limit to being disillusioned.
But on a much brighter note – my son and his girlfriend are coming from California next week for a visit. We’re VERY excited!!!! I’m going to let all my thoughts focus on that instead of the first two subjects.

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