What Ever Happened to Halloween??

I am a self-admitted Halloweener.  As Thanksgiving quickly approaches ( or technically vanishes into the shadow that is already being thrown by Christmas ) I wonder to myself where did my Halloween even go this year??  You see normally come Halloween time I have a full schedule of Haunted Houses, Events, Parties, Movies, Ghost Hunting…etc all planned for the season. This season was no different my calendar was planned , jam packed even. Somehow it all got away. No I was’nt overly busy…or to broke to make the wayyy over priced admissions to local haunted events, I just for some reason didn’t go. I was perfectly contecn at home on my couch with my puppies and boyfriend watching scary movies. So maybe the question isn’t what happened to Halloween, but what happened to me??? Was I lazy?  Is the ripe old age of 31 taking it’s toll?? I’m not really sure what it was but for some reason I’m totally ok with it…and well I have a big secret…I mean a BIG secret…seriously…you can’t tell anyone…but for some reason I am really looking forward to Christmas this year..I know it’s shocking.  I guess things are changing, times are changing, I’m changing…and apparently I’m ok with it….although i still have a funny feeling on Christmas Eve when everyones watching Miracle on 24th Street…I’ll still be watching The Nightmare Before Christmas 😉

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  1. Jamie
    Jamie says:

    For me it’s “It’s A Wonderful Life” and the holidays. I never was much of a Halloween person, oddly enough, although I spent many years in goth garb.

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