Hello kids. Jane is going to be less than her usual verbose self this week, as she is feeling a bit under the weather. Yes, it seems unthinkable that the bastion of inner strength that is I, could ever be taken down by a simple cold. But there it is, sitting on me like a wet blanket on a lovely party.

Speaking of lovely parties, a little bird tells me something wonderful is in the offing, but the big bird of authority hasn’t yet sent notice of this rumor’s veracity, so you all will have to content yourselves with that little teaser.

I just cracked myself up, that is exactly what I used to call dear friend Jackson: “Little Teaser”! Oh dear Lord, laughing with this chest full of distasteful gunk is not a pleasant experience; a paradox, that, well not really a paradox, more of an irony, but not that either…well never mind. My mind is awhirl with médicaments contre le rhume, cold medicine, but it sounds so much more intriguing en Français. And I’m particularly adept at the phlegmy “rh” sound just at this moment; I wish you all could hear it!

But perhaps not.

I’m babbling, I believe. Blame the meds, darlings! I’m as woozy as a musician with a paycheck.

I should go…Have a lovely week. Think healing thoughts for me, and for yourselves; we need all our fortitude during this last, desperate run-up to the holidays. “Seigneur nous donne la force“, as they say on the Champs Élysée!

…Here’s hoping my head is not floating several feet o’er my body when next we meet.

Love, Jane

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