Is It Wednesday? Already!?

I just started writing a letter to Meg and dated it “Tuesday.” OOPS! Is it really a week since the last time I blogged? It’s been a nice Christmas for Barry and me. My dinner turned out almost exactly as it was supposed to! All dishes I’d never made before, but the recipes in Bon Appetit sounded wonderful, and I always make new things for our Christmas dinner. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they…well, don’t quite work as planned. But this year – wow! I impressed myself, and Barry loved every bite! A mustard coated beef tenderloin roast, shingled potatos (they’re really easy and look great – and very tasty), green beans with cranberries, citrus and parsley salad, cranberry bread, and my cookies for dessert. The beef was amazing, and Bessie’s enjoying bits of the leftover with her regular kibble!
Broke the news of the upcoming television debut of “That’s What SHE Said” to several relatives and acquaintances and received a wide variety of reactions. Most were very positive – I mean really great – a few were more like “Oh, another of Martha’s hairbrained projects” – so I”m choosing to ignore the latter and bask in the excited congratulations from others. I think we’re doing a really great thing! Bravo for us – Ellen! Sheila! Christina, and Jane! I hope I’m never too old to try something new! And Jamie – what a brave and wondeful thing you’ve done to take this idea and really breathe life into it. Thank you! Thank you!
The last of Martha’s Blogs for 2011! A new year is about to overtake our lives. Tto everyone reading this- best wishes for a happy, safe, healthy 2012 – and peace!

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