My apologies all around

I know I know… I didnt blog last week…let me explain myself and beg for your forgiveness.  I work 3rd shift 11 at night to 930 in the am…so Im actually blogging at like 2 or 3 in am on fridays and scheduling it to post around noon that day…We were exceptionally busy at work and it just slipped my mind!! I am so very sorry!! Now that we have THAT out of the way….

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week!! Mine was not overly productive but it wasnt so horrible. 🙂 I spent alot of time last weekend and this week at Genesius working on the whole House Management thing….Its alot of work.  But alas…I do love Genesius so I have signed my name and time in blood to them. I cant wait to get back ON the stage though. I havent been in a prodcution since January of this year …so almost and entire year ago.  However there a few shows I will be audtioning for this coming season at Genesius.

Im going christmas shopping when im done with my shift this morning at 0930.  I love shopping whether its for me of for someone else. Although what im not looking forward to his having to split my christmas shopping up between 3 paychecks which means I will still be christmas shopping on the 23rd…YUCK i hate crowds at christmas time as it ….so that should be an adventure..hopefully i dont get arrested :-/ lol

wish me luck!!!

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