Well, my darlings, the countdown is on! In a little over twenty-four hours, the gals and I will be coming into your home live!

I am very proud of our little group: Ellen, Sheila, Martha, Christina, me, and the boy in the background, our Producer, Jamie. Together, we are going to shake up this little burg, and revitalize the airwaves!

Speaking of Jamie, he has prepared a special video road trip featuring yours truly. Where’d we go? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

And where, oh, where does one tune in? Why BCTV of course. And if your cable operator doesn’t carry that channel – or if you have no cable operator – you can stream the show live at It will also be available in the BCTV archives for viewing several days after the broadcast.

So darlings, tune in to BCTV tomorrow night, Tuesday, 1/31 at 7pm for our premier episode of That’s What She Said!

As an old friend once said, “Who’d miss that?”

Love, Jane

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