Going to Be a Busy Busy Year

Hello Hello!! Surprised to see me???  Thats right I remembered 2 weeks in a row!

We are hardly half way through the first month of this year and already I can’t believe how busy its going to be!!  House Managing at Genesius Theatre, taking part in both Man of La Mancha and also Miss Saigon ( at Genesius Theatre ) My sisters wedding planning ( big day is in November ) and of course Thats What She Said business is all already on my agenda to keep me busy this year.  Im sure i’ll just get busier as the year goes on. At least im busy doing things I love  for the most part.  These past few days have been rough I dont know if it’s the weather or what but I have been feeling so down in the dumps. Nothing is really wrong and I cant put my finger on what is bothering my I just feel yucky…Im hoping this feeling passes soon.  Maybe if the sun would shine and these drizzlies would go away i’d feel a little better. I seem to have been overcome with a case of SAD seasonal affective disorder lol.  On a positive note..it’s payday!!! for me at least…haha There is a ling list of things I want and somethings of course I need…Revlon Lip Butters for one…i am dying to try them buuuuut i reallllly dont need them…lol tupperware drawers..they fall into my need category my poor boyfriend has no where to store his ever growing wardobe…so now I need to make some decisions on what to spend my money on lol…however i think my main decision should just be to win the lottery.  Ok thats enough babble about nothing!! hope everyone has a great weekend!!!



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