Knitting lessons!

Hey all! Sorry so late. I was in the middle of a knitting lesson. Yes, you heard me correctly. Knitting lessons! Lately it seems like all my friends want to learn how to knit… and they want me to teach them. What?! When did I become an expert? I only just learned a little over a year ago! However, I do love me some knitting, so I oblige. Winter usually inspires me to knit some fun things. Scarves, mittens, blankets… I love them all! But teaching people how to do it? Not so easy. My poor friend is so confused right now. How is it that something that seems so easy to do can be so difficult to demonstrate? Does anyone out there have any pointers that might make it easier to explain? Knitting for dummies, perhaps? Is there such a thing? I’m such a bad teacher, so any tips are welcome. Ok, time to go back to my “student”. I hope I don’t confuse her any more than she already is. Wish me luck! 🙂


    • Sheila
      Sheila says:

      It’s so not the pupil’s fault! Knitting is tricky until you know what you’re doing. We’ll keep working on it! 🙂

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