Nominate Your Favorite Pothole

They’re just popping up or rather down everywhere. And they seem to operate contrary to the laws of physics, which would tell us that there should have been a lot of freezing water becoming expanding ice in cracks in the roadways, and as traffic pounds upon the surfaces, they break apart, forming holes. Did I sleep though those wintry days of ice and snow wreaking this havoc this year? And yet here we are in the season of the annual reoccurrence of potholes. Some could swallow up a small car, or at least one of the tires, so you either swerve to miss them (fellow travelers, beware) or grit your teeth, gun the engine, and hope to become airborne.
So far, I think the West Shore By-Pass has the best potholes and the least chance of their being repaired!
Any other nominees?

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