Oh heavens to Gershwin… I have just removed my sleep mask and peered blearily at my alarm clock…I am horrified to discover that I have been out like a sailor with a weeks pay since the wee hours of New Year’s Day 2012!

How did I know the day from looking at the clock, you wonder, and your confusion would be indeed justified. Well, my sly little pusses, there you have me. I was condensing for dramatic effect! The truth is that upon waking and looking at the clock, I thought to myself, “Heavens, I’ve overslept! I’ve missed part of the Rose Bowl parade!”

So I hopped, or rather unfurled, out of bed, started a pot of extra-strong Joe, grabbed the paper…s. Paper…s? Was there a special extra New Year’s Day edition?, I wondered. Paper…s? And then it started to dawn that something was amiss. The Eagles had landed in too great an abundance. There, in my, now ink-stained, hands was the proof: I had been locked in Morpheus’s embrace since my New-Year’s-Eve-into-New-Year’s-Morn Bacchanalia had come to a crashing, and I realize now, unremembered, finis. Days, of – it now seems required – sleep-filled recovery, had passed! And here it is, Tuesday, and I have missed not only my beloved Rose Bowl Parade, but my Monday posting here!

And now, although there is no way to reset the clock and watch those millions of flowers roll by, I can write of my surprise, and chagrin, at having missed my posting day (and several others), but I live happily knowing that my dear friend Ellen will not mind splitting and sharing her day with me.

Yes, it is a Tuesday with double helping of the ladies of TWSS! And I am sure I speak for us all when I say, “Happy New Year! May you find new mountains to climb, and new comforts to enjoy! Happy 2012!” (Though I am still bitter about the parade…)

Love, Jane

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  1. Ellen
    Ellen says:

    Now, Jane, I certainly was happy to share a day’s worth of blogging with you. But I must say you could not have gotten ink stains from handling multiple Reading Eagles; their ink does not rub off. New chemical formula that makes it more environmentally friendly, or something. You must be confusing it with the New York Times, something we all do from time to time.
    (At least that’s what SHE said.)
    Hope you’ve caught up.

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