The New Year Is Upon Us!

I’m sorry again! Apparently I’ve gotten myself into an every other week schedule of remembering I have to blog.  Little secret….im very forgetful!!  I hope everyone had a fabulous Holiday Season and is looking forward to a wonderful New Year.  Im very excited for the new year….because….we get to start taping soon!!! Yayyyyy!!! I just can’t believe how time flies…the older I get the quicker it goes. My mother keeps telling me it only gets worse! haha.  My New Years Resolution??   To stop forgetting to blog every other Friday!! I’m my other new years resolution is one many people choose every year…and that my friends is to lose some weight…and when i say some weight I mean like 70 lbs. Its a huge undertaking BUT my little sister is getting married in Novemeber 2012 and im determined to be looking like a 32 year old hottie in that bridesmaid dress. I’m hoping nowing that im going to have to wear unforgiving Sateen will be enough to keep me on track and actually get this weight off and keep it off  ( with the help of Bee Pollen by Athena of course ) .  So far the bee pollen supplement is working well im dropping lbs ive lost between 12-15 so far..not too bad.  Time for a healthy and happy and hopefully skinny new year!!!



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