Watch those little yellow pills

I’m posting on Martha’s turf because I was on the road yesterday, having gone to VA to see our 8-year-old grandson, Baylor, compete in a County Spelling Bee. He did very well, finishing 7th out of 48, smiling through it all.
There are no closed doors in our son’s house, so when I got up this morning and was doing my ablutions, the door to the bathroom opened, and in came Baylor who needed to brush his teeth before catching the school bus. And with him came the puppy, Fenway, who needed to have his belly rubbed. And then came our 4-year-old granddaughter, Ellen, who needed to help me with whatever it was I was doing. She took the top off my makeup base and then…”Ooops, sorry”…spilled it down the drain, got the tops for the lipstick and concealer mixed up, had questions about everything, wanted to put in my earrings…etc. She’s very helpful!!! Meanwhile I was taking my morning pill, a little yellow oblong one for hypo-active thyroid. Only after I had taken it, I saw that there was still a little yellow oblong pill in the container. I had taken a sleeping pill instead…and was then going to be driving home, a 3 and a half hour trip, mostly on routes 95, including the dreaded beltways around DC and Baltimore. This is challenging on a good day, and this was not going to be one of my best. What do you do to stay awake behind the wheel? Well, I did that, too–I guzzled coffee, ate chocolate mint patties, chewed gum (the jaw motion keeps the blood circulating to the brain, they say), sang along with Sammy and Frank, bit the insides of my cheeks, opened the windows alternately with turning on the AC, paid very close attention to speed limits in construction zones (having been photographed and warned the last time I made the trip)…Hey, the pills don’t always work and here I am. One must pay close attention to those little yellow pills.

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