Well darlings, the premier of That’s What She Said! was a delightful success! I couldn’t have been happier. Nor could I have been prouder of our work; Ellen, Christina, Martha, Sheila, and indeed, I, too, rose to the occasion with bells on.

And now, we wait for word from BCTV of our fate. It is in the hands of the program committee, which will meet *sigh* at the end of the month. This schedule, alas, means that, when we are picked up, which I can’t imagine not happening, we will not have another episode until March. It seems so long a wait to sit and gab with my favorite ladies again.

By the way, if you saw the show, let us know what you thought! We’d love to hear your comments. Also, if you liked the show, please let the good folks at BCTV know; every little bit helps in the effort to get back into your living rooms!

On a more universal note, I was listening to Talk of the Nation on NPR today. They were featuring a writer, Rodger Jones from the Dallas Morning Star, who had written an Op-Ed piece on the Komen/Planned Parenthood controversy. Something he said got my dander up. Well, many things he said did that, but the insidious manipulation of one of his statements took the cake. He said – in the interview – that he didn’t understand why PP “needs to tether the abortion part of its business so closely as it does, to everything else it does considering the explosiveness of the issue for so many people.”

Abortion is merely a small part of the vast scope of services that Planned Parenthood Parenthood offers. Women’s general health is a far more expansive part of their services. Many low-income women, in our land of prohibitively expensive health care, would be in bad shape, indeed, if PP was not there to fill in that health care gap.

I would say, and indeed, do say, that if anyone is focusing on, tethering to, PP’s abortion services, it is Rodger Jones and his judgemental ilk. It is like someone who doesn’t like chocolate ice cream saying, “Why does Bryers promote their disgusting chocolate flavor more strongly than the other, good, flavors?” Well, darling, they don’t; you’re just obsessing.

I am not here to say whether abortion is wrong or right. That is a choice I can only make for myself. But that is the point, I should be free to make it and to act on it; it is my body, my life. When society and government start controlling choice in the name of virtue, my dears, we are in for a very bad time of it.

But moving on, what about those Giants? While I would rather look at Mr. Brady over Mr. Manning…well not over him, compared to him, I mean…I am a New York girl at heart! May the Mets be the next NY team to prevail! (Well, what’s life without a dream?)

And so, we wait…for the baseball season to begin, for a less judgmental mindset in our country, but most importantly, we wait eagerly for a green light to proceed from our friends at BCTV. Stay tuned…

Love, Jane

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