@*#&@^( Or What I’m Thinking about Technology at the Moment!

On the one morning that I’m truly pressed for time, I logged on to write my blog, and as I got to the first sentence, my computer decided to update itself and then shut down! REALLY! This morning!?
But I’m back for the moment! Just wanted to share how wonderful I felt driving home last evening after our “premier” show. (Coutd BCTV REALLY decide NOT to make us a regular featuire?!) Actually seeing something I dreamed about doing over ten years ago actually happen! Wow!!! What a high! Thank you, all of you wonderful friends who made that happen! Jamie! Kirk! Jane! Ellen! Christina! Sheila! Thank you! Thank you so very much!
I’m not sure what reviews BCTV will get, but I think we “did good.” It was fun! Jamie and Kirk, you did such a wonderful job of the graphics, video, credits, it was fantastic! Ellen, Christina, Sheila – I simply love you all! Love sitting there and chatting with you! There’s a bit of magic there, I think.
Now I really must get ready for a very long day on campus that won’t end until after 7 this evening. The high from last night’s success will get me through the day! Thank you!!!!!


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