Should Be a Good Day

The first sign that this should be a good day is that it did not start with an alarm clock.
Second– I actually woke up. In others words I had slept, which is not always the case. If younger readers do not relate to either of these signs of a good day, just wait. They will come.
Third–the sun is shining (another sign of advanced years–I don’t have to get up before the sun). But I hear that we may have light snow tomorrow AM, and I’ll think that a good sign, too. We need some snow in our winters…providing Chirstmas-card-like scenery and something to bemoan and complain about.
Fourth–there were no stink bugs in the sink.
Fifth–my hair was standing on end but it was workable. Not exactly a good hair day, but not a bad one either.
Sixth–the barn cats are sunning next to the stone barnyard wall. They are content, all is right with the world.
Seventh–there is an abundance of woodpeckers at the bird feeder, both Downy and Red-bellied (which looks more Red-headed to me, but what do I know since we are not on intimate terms?)
Seventh–from the emails I’ve gotten today it looks as though we have a good team for Quizzo tonight. We’re still looking for our first night in the money.
Eighth–I got an email from my sister with a subject line of “it was a good day”.
Ninth–No horrid crimes on page 1 of the Reading Eagle, unless you live in Reading and think the mayor asking for $115,600 for aides is a crime.
Tenth–my bag is packed with all of my math-teaching stuff (protractor, compass, ruler, lots of scratch paper–funny name–should I scratch and sniff or scratch that answer?)and I am ready for tutoring this afternoon.
First sign that it might not be a day to measure up to last week’s Tuesday–we will not be doing That’s What She Said this week. Hopefully soon.

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