Taking flight

By the end of this day I will be somewhere over the Atlantic, landing tomorrow morning in Bologna, Italy..where we expect to wine and dine, enjoy art, architecture, and a Bolognese festival. We will be training it to Milan (hoping to see an opera at La Scala and a soccer game), Lake Como (hoping to see George Clooney, or is he still in jail in Africa?), Cremona (the town famous for its luthiers such as Stradivari), Verona (thought to be the setting for “Romeo and Juliette, and there is a balcony), and Padua. We have an early train to the latter next Tuesday AM, so I don’t expect to be posting that day. We’re looking forward to seeing Giotto frescos in a chapel there, and just like the Last Supper, we had to have reservations made weeks ago. At the appointed time of your reservation you spend a half hour dehumidifying so that you don’t facilitate the further deterioration of these artistic masterpieces–which you then have 15 minutes to view.
At least that’s the plan. Other than abiding by these reservations, we may have other inspriations and take off in totatlly different directions…following our noses and palates, eyes and ears.
And now to clean out the fridge before going out the door.


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