Back to normal–sort of

Having just returned from 10 wonderful days in norhtern Italy, there is much to share. I would hope that there will be some opportunity to do that on our next That’s What She Said show on May 16. Food is an important ingredient in any Italian holiday, and we just might talk a bit about that. And then there was the art, architecture, wines, and welcoming people, adding much richness to our travels.
Not having taken an extended trip in two years, I was surprised by the absence of Internet cafes. There used to be computers avialable to travelers in hotels and cafes all around European cities. Being a little resistant to technology (heck, I’d still use a dial phone if there were any available), I hadn’t realized that since most of you are texting and twittering on your phones, there’s little need for away-from-home computers. Furthermore there were no English TV channels or newspapers. So for 10 days I was really out of touch with my world. But that is not all bad–it heightened the best part of traveling, leaving one’s own viewpoints behind and experiencing the world from a different perspective.
We’ll be off to California next week for a wedding, and so more hectic schedules and airport hassles but something we greatly anticipate.
Meanwhile may I timidly add that I am really savoring the start of this baseball season!


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