I Almost Forgot Again

I was just getting ready to leave for campus when I remembered that it’s “blog day for Martha.” I’m so glad I remembered because I planned what I wanted to blog about after a wonderful Friday last week. Barry and I decided to put our work aside so we could take advantage of the lovely day and “do West Reading.” It had been far too long since we had just strolled along the avenue, wandered into all the lovely shops, and enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Bistro 614, one of our favorite local eateries.
In the time that had lapsed since our last exploration, a number of enticing new shops have joined some of the already established places we’ve patronized in the past.
If you haven’t been to West Reading – it’s SO much better a place to shop than any of our local malls – you must visit Kira Apple’s The Wise Owl Book Store. It’s just a wonderful place with lots of great books, as well as cozy chairs and couches you can curl up on and read. Independent book stores have a tough time competing with the giant retailers that have actually begun to tell us what we should be reading. Go to visit Kira! I guarantee you’ll love her and the store, and you’ll make The Wise Owl a habit.
What a joy to go into a store and have someone recognize me from our television show and this blog. (I’ve been wondering if anyone other that my daughter reads our blogs. Kira does! Hooray! )
I’m very excited about our next television show on 16 May! Hope Kira and a lot of others will be watching us.
Visit West Reading. View locally and shop locally!

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