I Love a Parade

And who doesn’t?

Sorry I missed the Armed Forces Parade on Saturday. But it was such a gorgeous weekend for all those garden projects. Saturday was one of those days when you feel good about what you are doing and feel good to be out there doing it.

But I still found parades to enjoy!

On Sunday, as we were leaving RACC Berks Hall, after having seen Kirk Lawrence doing an on-spot portrayal of Picasso as part of the Berks Senior Festival of the Arts, we heard the sound of a marching band. And there was a parade, make-shift as far as I know, with a band in full regalia and many, many people, marching across the Penn Street bridge in the honor of their cause. It stirred the soul.

And then on Monday, we were driving down Main St. in Oley, and met a parade of another sort. There were dozens of beautifully preserved antique cars driving in the opposite direction in that quaint borough. Most drivers and their passengers were dressed in early 20th centure touring garb. We had a short moment to talk to a participant while he was gassing up at Weis in Oley (can they use the same petrol as modern cars do?–didn’t ask that). We learned that they were in Reading for a Hub and Spoke gathering, and on each of several days they drive off in a different direction from the hub hotel of the host city. Each car must be in “like new” condition. And they were–the brass was polished, the paint shown (even on a cloudy day), and the engines purred. It was a spectacle to behold.

So now it is Tuesday, and as I venture out today I will keep my eyes and ears peeled, hoping for another procession. You can never get too much of a good thing.


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