Time for an Art Fix!

For the past two weeks, I’ve forgotten to blog! Adjusting to the transition from a well-ordered life made necessary by my teaching schedule to the complete freedom of summer always takes me a little while. Now, waking up in the morning without having to review lesson plans, record grades, decide what to wear to campus – all of which, by the way, I thoroughly enjoy – is LOVELY!
But what to write on this blog?
I just read Ellen’s most recent blogs – and then Jane’s wonderful words. They both shared such fine thoughts – gardens, parades, and the frightening (to me) phenomenon known as political correctness -all topics to which I want to add my thoughts. But it’s Wednesday morning. Long shadows are creeping across the patio garden as the sun climbs higher. Bessie, the quirky (but much loved) black Lab is sleeping on the couch. Barry’s upstairs getting ready for golf. I am not in a “lofty thoughts” mood. Just want to reread Ellen’s and Jane’s blogs and say “Yes! What you said!” Jane, your wisdom —-I am simply basking in your words that so completely capture my own thoughts, but in words so much better than I could have found. You give me hope for a world about which I have grave concerns.
No lofty thoughts from this blogger today. I’m going to Boyertown to visit Will Dexter’s studio for my “art fix” this afternoon. When my mind gets too clogged with the world that becomes “too much with us,” I need an art fix…a trip alone to a museum, a gallery, Will’s glass studio – somewhere I can silently let the beauty of someone’s creations fill my soul with joy and hope. I leave renewed. My spirit has again found a balance. As long as there are artists,actors, musicians, dancers, poets, there is hope for the world. Everyone needs an occasional “art fix.” I’m off to get mine!

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