Excuses, Labradors, and Books! How’s that for “ecclectic”?

It’s been several weeks since I blogged, and, truly, I’ve no excuse. The almost-agenda-less summer days are wonderful, and I’ve been enjoying having time to read and garden and knit – as welll as write -but I’ve found myself losing track of the days. So Wednesdays have been sliding by without reminding me to blog!
We’re considering adopting another Lab. A chocolate one – six years old – a guest at the ARL. Our big, lovely Buster died about 18 months ago, and we all (Bessie, most of all, I think) miss our gentle giant. Barry’s been looking at Lab rescue sites, and yesterday he went to see “Hank” at ARL.
Barry said he really felt a connection with Hank, so we went to see the pup last evening. He’s a good guy. Six years old, a stray with a microchip and license, but when the owners were called they didn’t come to pick him up. How can you do that?!
So today Barry’s taking Bessie to “meet and greet” Hank. She’ll make the final decision, and I must admit I’m a bit stressed about the idea of a second dog. Buster was SO my dog. Where I was, there was Buster waiting quietly for me to scratch his head or, better still, give him a treat. Hank’s a good guy! I think I could love him – I think I hope Bessie feels the same way. (ARL has been calling him “”Hank” for the month he’s been a guest there, but they don’t know what his name really is. He didn’t seem to respond especially when we called him “Hank.” I’d love to rename him “Chooch” for my favorite Phillie.
So stay tuned. When next I blog, I’ll let you know whether Bessie has taken a shine to “Hank.”
One recommendation: I’ve discovered a new Norwegian author – Jon Nesbo – my son says he’s read several of his books and enjoyed them. I’m reading “The Leopard,” a well written detective tale! There’s something about those Scandinavian writers of mysteries that I find very entertaining. (Still slogging through LBJ biography – volume 1! Good reading/well written – but there’s only so much Texas I can take at one time!)

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