The secret is out of the bag!

The secret actually being plural–secrets–35 of them. They were touted to be Berks County’s Best Kept Secrets, and indeed they live up to that billing. A tour with that name was discussed on the May episode of That’s What She Said, and it is on-going from June 15 until this Saturday, the 30th.

The cast and crew of That’s What She Said (all 5 of us!) hopped into a car this past Saturday and set off on a road trip to uncover these BC treasures. What fun! And you’ll be able to enjoy it with us via video on our next show, July 18, 9:00 pm, on BCTV. We’ll remind you of that over the next few weeks.

Among the delightful discoveries was a secret garden, little goats that suckled on our fingers, an introduction to Stack and Whack, some refreshing spiced tea, lovely truffles, free goodies, great discounts, opportunities to win pirzes…and all topped off with ice cream. Can’t beat that for $7. Although we gave it our best effort for 5 hours, we only were able to see 7 of the 35 locales. Revealing secrets takes time! So there should be many more to learn about in future tours. With the success of this one, there are others planned.

What I have to reveal next would not exactly be a secret, but it certainly took Chuck and me by surprise: we’re getting a dog, too. Yes, I’ll blame this on Martha and her new Chooch, the pooch. There seems to be a contagion of dog fever. Although I’ve been searching rescue sites for quite a while, her news spurred me on to relink with some I had investigated before. This past week we found a Bernese Mountain Dog who needs a new home. She is an 8-year-old with no known health problems and a very sweet disposition named Monah. She was raised in a little shop in Ellicott City, MD, where she became a town celeb who even has her own Facebook page. We will bring her to our house next Tuesday.

To be continued….

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