A Bit Early From Martha

It’s Tuesday afternoon, and I’m the “Wednesday Blogger.” However, tomorrow is a busy day for me, so I thought I’d write this now and hope everyone will understand. And, truly, I’ve not much to say today. (No smart remarks about that, please,) The heat and humidity has kept me indoors more than I care to be. It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity that make breathing less than easy for those of us with asthma, so I’ve found lots of time to read, knit, and clean out some of the basement.
We’ll be going to California next month to see “the kids.” Can hardly wait. It’s always cooler along the coast in Pacifia where Meg lives – actually cold and foggy and wonderful for beach walking. Matt lives in Venice Beach – also cool. But in August, it’s filled to the gills with tourists, so we’re staying in a beach house in Cambria, CA. that Matt and Melissa have rented for our stay. Looks heavenly! Barry and I are both looking forward to the trip with GREAT anticipation!
The pups will spend that time at the “Bernville Pet Spa” where we’ve always taken our dogs for boarding. It’s a grea place, and all of our dogs always seem very excited whent they realize that’s where they’re going.
Bessie has been teaching Chooch to play. The have been having huge mock battles. He’s growly and gruff and sturdier than she, but she’s wirey, quiet, and faster. And SHE makes the rules! It’s been a lot of fun to watch this whole process as Bessie turns Chooch into the playmate she’s been wishing for ever since Buster died!
Enough about dogs.
The Shoestring Production of “8” last Friday evening was excellent! Should have been seem by many,many more people! Powerful! Important!!!!
Hope everyone watches our show on BCTC, Wednesday, 18 July at 9 PM! Let us hear from you!

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