Moving On

I am about to “turn the page” on all that’s been happening with the Penn State issue. But since many of you know that I do bleed blue and white, I thought I needed to comment so no one would be uncomfortable to mention the subject to me.
I believe Penn State got off very easy. Ending the football program for a year or two would not have seemed unfair to me. The players whose winning records have been erased still have the education they received at Penn State. They also have learned some sad, but serious life lessons. My Penn State education and experiences, and the friends I made there had nothing to do with the football program. The education I got that taught me teaching skills is still helping me teach other students who hope to become teachers. Penn State introduced me to literature I never knew existed, to theater and drama, and music, and sorority life – with all its nonsense – did teach me “to work a room,” gave me social confidence to overcome my serious shyness. (And that shyness is still there, believe it or not.) Student teaching and teaching as a grad student on main campus assured me that teaching was what I wanted to do with my life. I met wonderful, learned, delightful scholars and great teachers who were my advisors and supervisors. And not one of them had any connections to the football program.
I have been a big fan of Joe Paterno, but sadly, no more. He stayed too long at the fair. I believe that, finally, this humble man with strong ethics actually began to believe the myths that developed about him. How sad.
But beyond all, let’s think of the boys whose lives will never be quite the same since they met Jerry Sandulsky! THEY and their families are the true victims! For them I grieve, and for all of those who allowed the abuse to conitnue I have only disgust. (And that includes our esteemd governor who, as attorney general, took 10 years to investigate the case, and didn’t do anything about it until he was safely sworn in as governor. (Joe Paterno was a huge, financial backer of Republican candidates. Was our governor afraid to prosecute the case until after he was sure of being sworn it?)
I’m glad the Penn State coach has agreed to stay on. I wish him and his team the best of luck. I am Penn State.


  1. meg says:

    Martha, you are the epitome of what I know the “true” Penn State is; good, formidable, kind, educated, witty, talented, and willing to accept that something is not perfect – Penn State is people like you! Love, Meg

  2. meg says:

    One more thought. . . Penn State would be very well served to use, “We are Martha!”. that is the model teacher, coach, human being. xo Your Fan

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