Oh my eyes!

Hi Peeps! Forgive me for not blogging yesterday, but today is the first time all week that I’ve been able to tolerate looking at a computer or phone screen or just about anything with light. Let me explain. I have two corneal abrasions, one in each eye, which have rendered me pretty much useless all week. You never realize how much you rely on your eyes until you can’t use them anymore! After stumbling around blindly for almost a week, I’ve learned a big lesson. When your contact lenses bother you, TAKE THEM OUT!!! Your eyes will thank you for it!

It’s been a pretty slow week since I’ve been laid up for most of it. Not much new to report. Miss Saigon is over. Work is still going well. Life in general is going well. Not a lot of excitement going on right now, but no complaints either. I guess I can’t ask for much more than that, can I? I am, however, very much looking forward to our next show coming up this week with our new addition Kira! I’m also looking forward to our breakfast meeting tomorrow morning. Always a blast when we get together!

Sorry to make this so short, but my eyes are telling me to stop now. I hope everyone has a splendid weekend! Don’t forget to watch us on Wednesday night at 9pm!!!

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