A Lab Report

Really, two Labs are a hoot! Watching Bessie and Chooch become friends, playmates, and part of the family is lots of fun. Barry and I never lack for entertainment – even when all we want is a quiet evening to read! It seems as though Chooch has been with us for years! His transition from “stray” to much-loved-pet and Bessie’s-best-bud has been, as they way, “seamless.”
Labs just want to have fun! They play constantly, and it’s apparent that Bessie makes the rules. Chooch is not any taller, but much more massive than Bessie, but she’s faster and more wirey. When they have their mock battles, he barks and growls and does lots of macho stuff, and she flies around, runs under him, jumps over him – and makes not one sound! Dogs do smile and laugh! And the expressions on these pupsters’ faces while they’re playing are all smiles! Then, as quickly as the battle begins, it ends -time to get a drink of water! Or take nap! The only sign that there was a loud conflict is that there are now toys all over the living room floor – some of the toys have had their stuffing “surgically removed” by Drs. Chooch and Bessie, so the living room looks like a January snowstorm! Since she was a puppy, when Bessie gets really excited and is having lots and lots of fun, she dances in her water dish! Hasn’t done it for years, but since she has this great new playmate, our kitchen is occasionally flooded! Amazing what we put up with because we simply enjoy the company of Labs! This morning they had a huge battle on the front porch where we were eating breakfast. At one point, they simply got too rowdy, and Barry gave them a “time out.” Truly! They both lay down and gazed up at him with “Aren’t we just the best pups ever?” looks. Lasted abount five minutes until they realized Barry was back to reading the paper.
Now they’re both napping in one of their favorite spots. The next battle will occur around 2 PM, with the evening skirmish at 7. (I’ve become completely convinced after having many Labs that they can tell time!)
If you’ve never known a Lab, find one to befriend. They make life more fun and interesting – and the bending to pick up their toys and toy stuffing, and the mopping up of water when they dance in their water dishes is really good for the waistline!

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