I’m Back with Random Ramblings about Autumn

I’m back to blogging. It’s really not that I’ve forgotten that I’m Miss Wednesday Blogger for TWSS. I’ve tried to log in, but, being technologically challenged, I kept forgetting my password. Thanks to our creator, producer, and guru Jamie, I’m back online. And what a lovely morning to blog.
I love autumn! “Autumn in New York” is one of my very favorite songs, especially when I hear the old Sinatra version. OMG! I have the Sinatra station marked on my satellite radio in the Jeep! And the jazz station which is right next to the “spa music” station, and sometime it slips to that one, and, suddenly while I’m driving across the Buttonwood Street Bridge I feel like I’m in an elevator.
But back to autumn! I love the shortening of days, the appearance of pumpkins, our harvested gourd crop, the crickets chirping in midday, the crisp air, and need to wear jean and sweatshirts and to get out of flipflops and back to sneakers and loafers! I am reacquainting myself with warmer clothes, and I loved finding those corduroy slacks I’d forgotten that I’d bought on sale at the end of last season – and never wore!
“Cozy” is a very important word in my vocabulary – “safe and secure” category. My daughter seems to feel the same way about it because she often calls me and tells me she’s had a “cozy day” reading and curled up with her kitten, listening to NPR and the ocean (that’s right outside her balcony.) It’s time to light candles on our supper table, bring in wood for the fireplace and take out the crock of silk flowers that have been decorating it all summer. Time for chili, sauer kraut, pumpkin pies and muffins. It’s the time of hunkering down emotionally and waiting for the winter to arrive. (I love winter also!)
I realize that this has been a rambling blog. Random thoughts on the arrival of autumn. I think I’ll find try to find my CD with Sinatra singing that song and play it while I grade papers. (Ah, yes! One more autumn thought – I saw a maple tree on campus on Monday that had already festooned itself with wonderful red leaves. The best is yet to come!)

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