RIP iphone o’mine

I just HAD to run my big mouth, didn’t I? Until today, I have been the proud owner of an iphone 3gs. I purchased it when the iphone 4 came out because it was significantly cheaper. Since I’ve had it, all I’ve heard from my iphone owning friends is, “You should upgrade to an iphone 4”. Umm, no. I purposely bought the older model because it was cheaper and worked just as well. And I was right. It did, in fact, work just as well. Internet, email, phone, texting, facebook… the possibilities were endless! My reply to those who suggested that I upgrade was always, “I only buy new phones when my old ones crap out”. Well folks, that day has arrived. My precious iphone has taken a dive. It no longer charges and the one and only button on the entire phone (except for the power button) has stopped working. I was just discussing last night with some friends about how I’ll keep this phone forever because it appears to be indestructible. After all, I drop it all the time and it’s still kicking. Well, the kicking has officially stopped. I feel like I jinxed myself! So today I’ll be heading to the mall on my lunch break to purchase a new phone. I wonder if I’ll get the same phone or if I’ll upgrade. I do know one thing. I will NOT be getting the iphone 5. Not until the 6 comes out! Ha! I hate getting new phones, but it is somewhat comforting to me to know that most iphones work very similarly. At least I won’t have to learn how to use yet another type of phone. Wish me luck on my phone shopping adventure. Have a wonderful weekend. See you next week! 🙂

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