Some thoughts on a rather dismal day…

…Running fast to keep up here…what thoughts are running through my mind today? Well there’s:
Our newly rehomed dog Monah…who last week was my subject when she was recovering from ear surgery…well, she now is in heat! The poor girl is 8 and a half years old (equivalent of 60 human years) and should not be having to deal with this. She’s moaning/howling, lost her appetite, attracting stray dogs (male, I must assume) who are trying to jump over the wall. She’s pulled me down the road at the other end of her leash, after a barking dog in a car (again, male, I assume), and she wants to sit in Chuck’s lap (that’s a lapful, since she weighs 106 lbs.) I am following her around the house with a spray bottle of Heavy Duty Carpet Cleaner, sopping up the the drips…and following her around the yard like a duena. We’ve never experienced this before, having always had our dogs neutered early on. She knows she is behaving strangely and seems embarrassed.
And then there was a great kick off for the Reading Literary Festival, the poet laureate induction ceremony on Monday night at the Miller Center. The audience tried to pick a poet out of the crowd in our version of the old TV game show, “What’s My Line”. Many of our friends were the mystery poets, and they did stellar portrayals. Thanks and congrats to them. Sen. Judy Schwank said of the show, “What a fun way to spend a Monday night.”
I feel guilty about saying this, but it is going to be difficult to decide whether to watch the presidential debate tonight or the last games of the regular baseball season. My Mets are way out of it, as are the local favorite Phillies, but I’d just love to see Baltimore have a chance to triumph over the hated Yankees. I have less strong opinions about the election and really need to listen to what the candidates are saying. I just hope we get ideas rather than rants.It may be a toss-up because I will not be a channel switcher. That seems to be a guy-thing.

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