Well darlings, I find myself without my 2CV – Citroën, look it up; the most wonderful car ever – and yet, with a need to travel. So here am I, seated on a BARTA bus, typing whilst I watch the world go by.

It makes me long for New York City. I loved the time spent on mass transit. Time to ponder, time to read, time to take a wee nap; all those things one can’t, or shouldn’t, do whilst driving. Truth be told, I prefer the subway to the street way, ah, but no such option here in lovely Reading/Berks. Still, it is a nice day for a ride.

Speaking of rides, I’m so very excited about our upcoming, September, episode of That’s What She Said! We ladies are going to be taking a road trip; a trip for which we will require a designated driver! Yes, it’s wine tasting time on TWSS. And our gallant Producer, Jamie, will serve as our un-inebriated knight in shining auto!

No, we will not be taking my 2CV, no matter how loudly Jamie whines. It is a lovely car for two; for six, hmmmm, not so much.

If you’ve any local wineries you would like us to visit, drop us a Facebook message. You can “like” us using the thingy on the right-hand side of this page. Or you can tweet your suggestions to @shetweetstome. We would love to hear from you!

Oh dear! I got waylaid and forgot completely that I was writing to you, my dear ducklings! It been hours since I arrived home. I shall hit “post”, have a spot of warm milk, and drift off to that lovely tasting room in my dreams. Good night, darlings!

Love, Jane

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