Hot Stuff!

Darlings! I’m so terribly excited about our next episode. There is a special “brush with greatness” segment where we meet, well, you will simply have to tune in to find out!

There will be hot sauce galore as we roll that tape from the Bowers Chili Pepper Festival. It was filmed in August of last year. We’ve been savin’ it. Seems a perfect time to roll out that spicy goodness; I don’t know about you, but I could certainly use some heating up just about now.

Don’t forget to tune in: 9pm, Wednesday, 2/19 on BCTV, or stream us live at And if you are not near a TV tomorrow night, you can always catch up via the repeats or in the BCTV archives! We like to accessible.

Now, what will I wear?

Love, Jane

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