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Happy Birthday!!!

All of the ladies here at That’s What She Said want to wish a big “Happy Birthday!” to our own Nicole Weaver, and Producer, Jamie Lawrence-Howard!

To steal from Jamie: “May the best days of your past be the worst days of your future!”

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Love, Jane


Dear ones! Just a note to inform you all that we will not be broadcast live on the television this evening – 3/20/13. It seems we have been pre-empted by, of all things, a hockey game.

We will, however, be live on the Internet on BCTV’s website, so if you are hooked up, go there. We would love to hear your calls and twitters. Twitters should go to @shetweetstome

The rebroadcast dates of tonight’s show are:
Thursday, March 21 at 3:00pm; Sunday, March 24 at 10:00pm; Monday, March 25 at 9:00am; Wednesday, March 27 at 3:00pm; Saturday, March 30 at 11:00pm.


Well darlings, here I sit, on my back porch, bundled in my favorite alpaca wrap, enjoying the crisp Autumn air, loving this change of seasons!

And sneezing. I’m not enjoying that very much, but as I long ago learned, if I am to be in Pennsylvania, I must embrace the sneeze. I don’t know what it is about this area, what grows here, and, I suppose, dies here, but it gives me gross, and I use that word with all its meanings in gear, amounts of sinal agita.

And it is not just seasonal allergies that afflict this gal. No, I have year ’round indoor-outdoor allergy issues, which get more intense during the Fall and Spring seasons. Ironic then, perhaps, that of all, well, four, of the seasons, Spring and Fall are my very favorites. Fall, especially.

Why, you ask? What is it, Jane, that makes Fall so delightful to you?

Very astute questions, and ones which I shall now answer.

I’m one who tends toward the hot side of the spectrum. I mean this, of course, with regard to my internal temperature, and not my external appearance, that is a decision I shall leave to your exquisite discretion.

So Fall, with its knife-edge chill, fits me like a glove. I’m fond, also, of the other sensory delights delivered by this season of winding down. The smell of the dying leaves, decaying back to the soil; the smoky wisps of fireplace wafting through the air; the glow of lights, now cheering up the early-darkened sky pre-Halloween through post-New Year.

And the philosophical joys: That aforementioned winding down, as we close up the vibrant season of growth and enter the season of rest. This season of rest, I think, is a season of potential; rest is renewal, and renewal is active.

The seasons, to me, are like this: Summer is the bow being drawn across the violin’s strings. Fall is the bow’s release from the string; a lifting, an active release. Winter is that breath at the top of the arc; the pause in mid-air. And Spring, the bow’s dive down onto the string; sometimes gentle, sometimes violent; but always the starting point of the sound.

But now, my nose is running (and I must go catch it…hahahaha), so until next time: Smell the air, enjoy the chill, and glow with the lights.

Love, Jane


Tootling ’round town today, happy as a clam, perhaps even happier, in my trusty 2cc, I was listening to NPR, which I like to think of as “Culture on the Go!” Does anyone listen to the radio whilst stationary? Rhetorical; I’m sure many do, however, I am not of that persuasion. The radio means the smell of the asphalt and the wind in my hair. Well truly, the wind in the scarf that covers my hair. At any rate, the road represents “freedom” to me, a freedom not felt whilst in the confines of my own home. Perhaps it was all those years being constricted by my late husband, Otto.

Where was I?…

Oh yes, road, 2cc, NPR…Well, there I was. And on came the most fascinating piece.

Sandor Ellix Katz, quite the name, was chatting about fermentation. Of food. He is a, or possibly, the, “fermentation revivalist.” His exploration and experimentation in the area of food preservation is seemingly encyclopedic. He has written a couple of volumes on the subject, his latest being “The Art of Fermentation: An In-Depth Exploration of Essential Concepts.” Well la-di-da say I, in the most reverent way possible. If you are going to love a subject, I say, love it to the depths of your soul. And he certainly has. Perhaps this is what comes of being a Jew in Tennessee; one can only speculate. But yes, preservation!

Well, you all know, or should, that I am fascinated by anything to do with preservation. I love old books, papers, furniture, my 2cc, myself… To that preservationist end, I am currently soaking my face in a tub full of vinegar. This is not something Mr. Katz recommends, but I thought, “Why the heck not?” At the very least, it is refreshing, and allows me some quiet, albeit wet, time to share with all of you. The burning in my eyes is but a small price to pay for our wonderful time together!

I am very glad, however, that I invested in that waterproof and, it seems, vinegar-proof, case for my cellular telephone on which I am writing this entry. Frivolous then, prescient now.

Should you be interested in more information on Mr. Katz and his fermented life, you may follow this link: Wild Fermentation.

Oh my, my hands have gotten quite prune-y, and I’ve become overtaken by a strong desire for salad. Time to say, “Bye” for the while. Until next time we meet, here’s a thought: Try to live each day with a little more kindness than the day before. It’s just a thought.

Love, Jane

Going to Be a Busy Busy Year

Hello Hello!! Surprised to see me???  Thats right I remembered 2 weeks in a row!

We are hardly half way through the first month of this year and already I can’t believe how busy its going to be!!  House Managing at Genesius Theatre, taking part in both Man of La Mancha and also Miss Saigon ( at Genesius Theatre ) My sisters wedding planning ( big day is in November ) and of course Thats What She Said business is all already on my agenda to keep me busy this year.  Im sure i’ll just get busier as the year goes on. At least im busy doing things I love  for the most part.  These past few days have been rough I dont know if it’s the weather or what but I have been feeling so down in the dumps. Nothing is really wrong and I cant put my finger on what is bothering my I just feel yucky…Im hoping this feeling passes soon.  Maybe if the sun would shine and these drizzlies would go away i’d feel a little better. I seem to have been overcome with a case of SAD seasonal affective disorder lol.  On a positive note..it’s payday!!! for me at least…haha There is a ling list of things I want and somethings of course I need…Revlon Lip Butters for one…i am dying to try them buuuuut i reallllly dont need them…lol tupperware drawers..they fall into my need category my poor boyfriend has no where to store his ever growing wardobe…so now I need to make some decisions on what to spend my money on lol…however i think my main decision should just be to win the lottery.  Ok thats enough babble about nothing!! hope everyone has a great weekend!!!



Oh, New Year!

Happy New Year Darlings!

My goodness! 2011 is almost a memory and, if we are to believe the scuttlebutt, the last year of our lives is about to begin! I say, “I’ll drink to that!”

Let’s all resolve to enjoy this wacky trip toward the end of the world. Live each day with gusto; drink in every last drop of possibility from every moment that you are alive.

Let’s all work together to make this next year the best year of of lives! Why shouldn’t we? Optimism is so much more productive, and fun, than the alternative.

Be bold, exciting, be a positive force to be reckoned with in 2012!

Happy New Year!

Love, Jane