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Well darlings, I find myself without my 2CV – Citro├źn, look it up; the most wonderful car ever – and yet, with a need to travel. So here am I, seated on a BARTA bus, typing whilst I watch the world go by.

It makes me long for New York City. I loved the time spent on mass transit. Time to ponder, time to read, time to take a wee nap; all those things one can’t, or shouldn’t, do whilst driving. Truth be told, I prefer the subway to the street way, ah, but no such option here in lovely Reading/Berks. Still, it is a nice day for a ride.

Speaking of rides, I’m so very excited about our upcoming, September, episode of That’s What She Said! We ladies are going to be taking a road trip; a trip for which we will require a designated driver! Yes, it’s wine tasting time on TWSS. And our gallant Producer, Jamie, will serve as our un-inebriated knight in shining auto!

No, we will not be taking my 2CV, no matter how loudly Jamie whines. It is a lovely car for two; for six, hmmmm, not so much.

If you’ve any local wineries you would like us to visit, drop us a Facebook message. You can “like” us using the thingy on the right-hand side of this page. Or you can tweet your suggestions to @shetweetstome. We would love to hear from you!

Oh dear! I got waylaid and forgot completely that I was writing to you, my dear ducklings! It been hours since I arrived home. I shall hit “post”, have a spot of warm milk, and drift off to that lovely tasting room in my dreams. Good night, darlings!

Love, Jane

Autumnal Bliss!

Well, my dears! We find ourselves at my favorite time of year. Ah, the comforting chill of Autumn. Yes, Jane loves the knife’s edge in the air, the chance to wear woolly sweaters, the wafting scent of burning things. Well, of course, I do live in Reading, PA, so the air always seems to be redolent of burning things, but somehow, at this time of year, it seems more comforting than distressing.

We must now begin thinking of our annual Holiday card. I know, I know…I am aware that I am being awfully PC with this appellation, but when one has so many friends from so many backgrounds and ethnicities…Well, the table must simply be laid for everyone!

And so, I don my craft cap, which aids my creative process, and also keeps my ears warm. Yes, Jane does enjoy her home on the less temperate side; “pile on the warm cozies!”, is what I say.

So now I’ll go fire up my creative energies. Whilst I’m at that, take a moment for yourselves and enjoy the season: take a walk, sniff the air, and marvel at the glorious majesty of nature all dressed up for her Autumnal Ball.

Until next time, darlings.

Love, Jane