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Voting…and Holidays

Hello, darlings! Well, another show has passed – this past Wednesday, 11/20 – and it was great, rollicking fun! If you missed it – how could you? – you can find it in the archives at BCTV.org

Now, there are times, however, when the very thing which gives the show its vitality, ie: our quick segmentation, which I would not give up for the world, disallows the full pursuit of a line of thought. This last episode contained one of those moments.

A caller responded to our segment on the dismal turnout for the recent elections. She stated that she no longer believed in voting, as she felt that the system was corrupt; there were no good candidates for whom to vote.

Certainly, one can argue that the system is broken and imperfect; that by the time one rises to a level of electability, there are too many things and people to which the candidate is beholden; that the money it takes to get elected is too great not to influence the candidate. Yes, I agree, as would, I imagine, any thinking person, that the system is far from ideal and in need of some serious TLC.

But, and here is what I would have liked to discuss with the caller, I do not understand how throwing up ones hands, withdrawing from participation in our Democracy, no matter how flawed, is a rational solution. How is doing nothing doing anything to fix the problem?

As a general rule: Broken things don’t fix themselves.

So indeed, I would truly like to understand the thought process that finds abdication of responsibility a viable, adult, answer to a real problem.

But enough about what I want. And truth be told, for years I wanted a pony. Then I got one and I couldn’t have cared less. What does that mean? Don’t buy me a pony.

So, shopping, yes. Thanksgiving! Stores will be open on Thanksgiving! My goodness; the horror! People should be with their families, not other people’s!

Well, in an ideal world, perhaps, yes. But I do have to wonder how many of those same deeply offended, gentle folk will be dining out for turkey day dinner. I’m betting quite a few. I believe that what could be wafting from out the restaurant kitchen, delicately scented with cinnamon and spice, is the delicious smell of hypocrisy.

Just know that you might catch sight of me dining out with dear friends on Thanksgiving day; you will not, however, catch me at Walmart…on Thanksgiving, or any other day. But no, I’ve nothing against shops being opening on Thanksgiving or any other holiday. Read into that what you will.

Darlings, I think I’ve poured enough fodder into the trough for one sitting. It’s time to cold cream my face and put myself to bed.

Happy Thanksgiving, darlings! And remember: No ponies!

Love, Jane