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It’s too darned hot!

Here’s one for these hot and sticky times. Stay cool, darlings! And if you have pets, keep them safe!

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Summer’s End

As the summer winds to a close once more (the school-centered summer, not the calendar one) it’s funny to think about how the year is such a state-of-mind, depending on your career and your leisure activities.  For instance, I won’t be taking my vacation for another month yet, heading into October, because that was the cheapest time to fly and also because it’s difficult to close the store at ANY time of year, so I just bit the bullet and picked one.

I had a one-day vacay a week back, a full day in Beach Haven at the Jersey shore.  Lovely, slightly overcast, and with plenty of breeze.  I even did something I haven’t done since I was a kid and wave-jumped!  Usually I just bundle myself up in a chair and read for hours —  but actually taking advantage of the ocean was just as much fun as I remember from childhood.  And I’ve got the sunburn to show for it.

There are fewer faces at the store these days, what with folks heading back to jobs and kids heading back to school.  It’s just been me and the Shop Cat, He-Who-Is-Not-Yet-Named (although he will be Sept. 4th!), holding down the fort and dusting off the books (me with a duster, he with his tail).  We’ve got some really great events coming up in September here on the Avenue, though, so that should bring the crowds back:

  • September 8th: Penn Avenue Sidewalk Sale, 11am-5pm
  • September 15th: West Reading’s 6th Annual Fall Festival on the Avenue, 12pm-9pm
  • Wise Owl Local Author Open Mic Night, with special guest author James Rahn, 6pm-8pm (with live celtic harp music from 5pm-6pm!)

So it’s a great start off to a new season as I say goodbye to the unbearable heat and sunny days of summer.

Books and the Longest Day of the Year


Hello and cheers and how-de-doo.  I missed my Friday post last week (my first post, so I already have a fantastic track record here!) so I though I’d post on the longest day of the year!  This is NOT the longest post of the year, rest assured.

A lot of my days and nights are spent at The Wise Owl, my bookstore, shelving and rearranging and inputting titles into inventory and goodness all the dusting.  But in-between those times I manage some of reading.  That’s the fantasy everyone has about bookstore owners and booksellers: that somehow we just sit around all day and READ and the store just runs itself while we’re off in Narnia or Oz.  Not so, I’m afraid, though I wish it were.  The business-end of books is the most exasperating, and makes you second-guess yourself and your ideas more than anything.  A book sells well one week, but not the next.  You move a book one shelf over from where it’s been for months and suddenly you sell out!  There’s no rhyme or reason and you spend a lot of time worrying that everything is in it’s optimal place.

But BETWEEN all that, I do read.  A lot.  At home, in the tub, in bed, on the couch, at the store, on my head if I could although I don’t know why I would…

Right now I’m reading two books: an advance reading copy of HORTEN’S INCREDIBLE ILLUSIONS by Lissa Evans, a sequel to the fantastic middle-grade reader book HORTEN’S MIRACULOUS MECHANISMS, about young S. Horten who inherits his mysterious great-uncle’s magical workshop.  The first was lovely and quirky and fun and the second promises to be exactly the same!

I’m also reading CALIBAN’S WAR by James S.A. Corey.  This one’s a sequel too — I love science fiction, and the first one was a combination of a gritty detective noir story and an epic space opera.  It also happens to be co-written by somebody I know so it makes me extremely happy that his novels are getting the attention and accolades they deserve!  I’m about 50 pages in (out of 595) and it is already a thrill-a-minute, a real edge-of-your-seater.  A great, exciting read for a long summer day!