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In defense of facts.

On last night’s broadcast of That’s What She Said (8/22/16), I presented a little piece in defense of facts. A dear friend requested that I create a Moment with that piece. Always eager to please, I, here it is for your consideration.

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That’s What She Said – The Show!

It is Monday, so I get to relate some very exciting news.

It is official: Tune in to BCTV on Tuesday, January 31st to see we five ladies live on the small screen. Yes, we’re going live in just over a month!

And if you aren’t near a television have no fear, the show will be streamed live at BCTV.org. We’ll be international!

And if you miss it that evening…well, you are not out of luck! The show will be replayed on the station, and also archived on the site! I have no idea how these things happen, but trust me, they do. It is magic, and Martha, Christina, Ellen, Sheila, and I are excited to be a part of that magic!

So my dears, we’ll keep on blogging, you keep on reading, and before you know it, we’ll be popping into your living rooms, dens, and bedrooms! Electronically, of course.

Have a wonderful week, my dears!

Love, Jane