Philadelphia International Airport – for a “fun” time!

It’s finally here! The day our son and his girlfriend (whom we LOVE) arrive from CA for a short visit. The spaghetti sauce and meatballs have been made and are ready for dinner; the house has been tidied up; the flannel sheets are on the beds; my lesson plans for the rest of the week are made. Can hardly wait to give and get lots of hugs! Hoping Matt and Melissa’s PHL experience is a good one. Of all the airports I’ve been through, PHL remains the most …hmm…how can I put this in the most politically correct term?…the most unpredictable. Yes, that’s a good word! Whenever I depart or arrive in PHL, it seems I’m there at a time of serious construction! I’ve been rained on while walking through the jetway. I’ve been groped thoroughly when my two titanium hips set off bells and whistles at security. (I think many of the attendants were in line getting hamburgers when the “How to be friendly” class was being taught.) I’ve arrived at the busiest times when all the women’s toilets were closed for cleaning, and all the women on the arriving flights were in need of relief and not caring whether the toilets were clean or not! But the funniest experience I’ve had at PHL happened last year when I was traveling alone to CA. I’d entered security, the bells and whistles are going off as expected, and I was ready to give my standard response to the man standing guard. That morning he was a rather small, not-too-young man who looked rather bored as he leaned against the screening device that was making so much noise. “I have two titanium hips and an underwire bra, ” I instantly told him. And then, with not a moment’s pause, he looked at me and said, “Money well spent!” I laughed all through the subsequent pat-down and all the way to the gate. I hope the kids find something to laugh at as they wander through PHL this afternoon.

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