Holiday Humbugs

FIrst off and Foremost, I know I Know….I missed again last week. I’m sorry I was on vacation and it totally slipped my mind. 

Now for whats on my mind today…I’m currently working..yuck … I dont know what is going on tonight. We are so close to the holidays you would think people would be happy and friendly and warm….wrong…they are grumpy , short, and just rude.  Now mind you I dispatch road service to broken down vehicles which isnt ever fun for the people calling in to talk to me….no one wants to be broken down. But im dealing mostly with professional truck drivers they are used to breaking down..and I GET that they dont want to be working tonight the morning before christmas eve..but hey im working too!! Believe me I dont want to be here anymore then they do. So lets just at least just try to be friendly and nice to eachother and make it a little easier on all of us spread a little bit of the holiday cheer. I mean where is all the christmasness and garland and gingerbread maybe a present or two and heck lets just cover it all with glitter to make it a little bit better….  Sigh… ok i feel a little bit better now.  I would feel even better if it was 930 am so i could get out of here and start my weekend.  I have to go and get stocking stuffers after work hopefully I am in a better mood by then so I dont have to get arrested for running someone over in all the christmas madness in the stores.  Anyway On that Note I hope you all have a better Christmas Eve Eve then I am having!!



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