Reality tv? Really?

I have a confession. I’m addicted to reality tv. It’s almost midnight, and here I sit, glued to the tv, watching a tiny puppy named Chanel poop on the floor. Isn’t that sick?! I rarely ever watch tv, but the few shows I do watch are evidently real glimpses into people’s lives. It’s sort of creepy if you think about it. The cameras follow these people everywhere. To work, to the bathroom and even in the boudoir. Eww! So why can’t I stop watching? Because I’m nosy! I want to know how the “other half” lives! Not just that, but these shows are funny! Some of the funniest moments happen when these people are just being candid. It makes me wonder what life would be like with cameras following me everywhere. My world is funny. It just is. So many funny things happen around me daily and I often wish I could have somehow documented it. But to have an entire film crew with me all the time? I shudder to think! While it would be great to have all the fun moments captured, they would also capture the bad and embarrassing moments, too. Not cool. So I think I’ll leave it to the “professionals”. And now I shall return to my program, where a 50ish year old British woman is gyrating on the lap of a Chippendale, or as she called him… a Chipmunk. Ha! See you next Thursday! 🙂

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