What to do if stuck on Cemetery Hill!

It seems impossible that I was actually stuck on cemetery hill (Center Avenue) yesterday morning for over an hour! When I left home in Temple at 8:30 AM, we’d had barely a dusting of snow earlier, the sun was shining, and it was that lovely, crispness of real winter! My Wyomissing destination is usually a quick trip, but two hours later I was just pulling in. Since the Bypass seemed clogged as far as I could see when i approached it, I decided to go through the city. That’s when I realized that all roads were clogged bumper to bumper., and since I’d committed to the city route, I was definitely “stuck” like everyone else. Switched from satelitte radio to AM and listened to tales of travel woe from people calling in to the local talk show. Snow!? Slippery roads? Icey conditions? Didn’t seem possible, but there I was! Stuck! Must be old age approaching, but I’ve almost learned not to sweat the stuff I can’t change. And I certainly couldn’t do a thing about this but sit in my Jeep, listen to the radio, and eat the red licorice I’d forgotten was hidden in that center console from our trip to the beach. (Ziiplock bag kept it really fresh!)
Had a meeting to attend, but when I realized everyone going anywhere in the area was going to be as stuck as I, sitting back and relaxing was fun. The Jeep was warm and cozy and high enough for me to see all that was happening (or, rather, not happening) ahead of me. When I finally arrived at my destination, I’d pretty much eliminated my stash of licorice, had done some creative planning for the days ahead, and was VERY grateful that I hadn’t drunk that big cup of coffee before I left home! It’s winter! Lots of our peers seem to be enchanted with the idea of moving to Florida and are making plans and buying condos to fulfill their plans, but we’re still finding the challenges of four seasons enjoyable!

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