Happy Birthday to Everyone Who is Leap Year Baby!

I am going to “beg off” from blogging this morning. Haven’t anything “pithy” to talk about, so I won’t try to waste our fine readers’ time. (Are there any readers out there?) I have a lot of papers to grade in the next few days. I believe that teachers have an obligation to return graded assignments ASAP, or they lose their instructional value. SO! I’m a bit jammed for time.
Wishing every one a good March! Spring’s a-comin’! A week from Friday we’re leaving for some beach time in Delaware. Whaever the weather, it will be wonderful to sit in the sunporch of the condo and watch the surf. (I love it when it’s storming and the ocean is the color of pewter, and the waves are angry and making a lot of noise.)
I’ll try to think of something stimulating to discuss next Wednesday.

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