Theater – Legitimate or Otherwise!

It was a true privilege to be able to take in a performance of the Civic Theatre of Allentown’s production of 33 Variations. (I don’t know how to underline that title!) What a fine production! What an excellent cast, set design, intricate and well done lighting and sound. Excellent. My compliments to everyone involved in the show. Of course, we really went to see Kirk Lawrence in yet another fine performance. Have never seen him give anything but a fine performance. The entire cast was excellent. Bravo to all involved!
Wish I could say the same for the Republican political race, but since I’m a liberal Democrat that would be difficult (but not impossible) for me to say even if the present contenders were other than the political characatures presently running. I believe in giving credit to any worthy candidate, whether he or she shares my political ideology, Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative – a candidate who understands the vast majority of Americans and the struggles we face not just to survive, but to flourish. But these guys? Really!? I do hope some talented playwright is already planning a script about this political scene. Sadly, this is American politics today. It would be so much better done by professional actors. Ah! Reagan’s already done that! Perhaps, the good Mr. Shakspeare was correct – the whole world is a stage! If only we could do as good a job as the Civic Theatre of Allentown does with playing our roles!

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