Honestly, I CAN Write a Short Blog – Well, at Least “Shorter.”

In five hours the limo will arrive to take us to PHL to board our nonstop Virgin America flight to San Francisco. I’m not sure I’ve ever been more eager to (a) hug our kids, and (b) leave Berks County. The heat and humidity will definitely not be the weather we’ll be getting into along the north central coast of California. Hooray!! I’m tired of the drone of fans and air conditioners. Tired of opening windows to catch the early morning breezes, then closing them before noon to turn on the A/C.
All of our time will be spent in sight of the blue Pacific!
I’m packed and ready. The pupsters are happily boarded at the Bernville Pet Spa. The mail and papers have been cancelled. Best of all,. I”m using a smaller than usual suitcase. Hoping I’ve chosen wisely the closthes I’m planning to wear. We’re ready! Hooray!
I probably won’t be blogging next Wednesday, but in two weeks I’ll tell you about our trip.

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