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  1. Stella says:

    Thanks for taking my call tonight, Jane. I just LOVED your gold scarf, and all the ladies were so beautifully dressed tonight (I didn’t get to say it – nor get to say Happy Thanksgiving either; … call got cut off…sorry). I’ve devoted my life to helping others, and to hear your topic tonight made me smile. I did a free “Halloween Cape” Contest at a local dollar store in Wymossing the Halloween after the 9/11 attacks to help get the kids minds off the disaster and give them something fun to smile about (my oldest helped me with it…he’s now 21 and serving in the armed services). And for the first 19 years of my oldest’s life, we (him and I, and even my younger son a few years after he was born, though there’s 12 yrs between them) did a program I refer to as “Hats for The Homeless” in Berks county and Philadelphia, Upper Darby areas, handing out hats, scarfs, socks, gloves, coats, food, and other items needed to homeless folks and shelters all over the areas, all in privacy, not asking for anything in return, or publicity for it…It just makes us feel good inside). It was the best gift to me to see the smiles from those in need – a warm hug from a homeless person so grateful for a warm hat, or soft new socks for their feeet (some used newspaper for socks, as they had nothing else).

    It’s not about “Christmas” – it’s about that FEELING in your heart ALL year long that makes life worth it all. Thank you for peaking my interest tonight with your show (as I flipped through channels for something to watch), and thank you for taking my call – You’re a very intersting group of ladies, and I wish you all the “good luck” the Universe has to offfer and send your way.

    Love and blesings to you all-
    “Stella” – The FourLeaf Clover Lady

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